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Pousada Brasília

    The charm of TRANCOSO is now totally within its reach in the traditional POUSADA BRASÍLIA reformed and under new direction. For 23Km of
ARRAIAL D'AJUDA and to the famous "Square" of TRANCOSO 1,5 Km, with location privileged to the seashore, the POUSADA BRASÍLIA possesses wide suites and restaurant open to the public with attendance also in exclusive kiosks in the Beach, where you can taste delicious plates and drunk with the foot in the sand and enviable visual of the wonderful, clang of a bell and calm Beach of TRANCOSO.
    Inn to the seashore with restaurant open to the public, service of bar and
restaurant in the beach.

    Remember to visit famous "Church" that locates equally in the famous "Square" of Trancoso.

                 "Church"                                     "Coconut trees of Trancoso"
Pousada Brasília informs they Lack
for the year 2.000
POUSADA BRASÍLIA - Highway Arraial D'Ajuda/Trancoso Km 23
Trancoso/Porto Seguro-BA  -  Phone: +55  (073) 868-1128
Any doubt, order an e-mail for: